Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix coming to Europe and America this year

Trailer Aaron Birch
2 Jun 2014 - 19:45

The long awaited HD remaster of Kingdom Hearts 2 is coming soon, and here's a trailer...

Square Enix's Final Fantasy and Disney mash-up RPG, Kingdom Hearts, has a strong following of fans, and following on from the HD remix of the first game, which also included Chain of Memories and story from 358/2 Days, comes the second HD remix.

This time the compilation will include remastered editions of Kingdom Hearts 2, and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. Along with the HD visual polish, these will also include new weapons, items, mini-games and bosses. It'll also feature story content from Kingdom Hearts: Re:coded.

Non-Japanese fans will find the remix particularly interesting, as Vita title, Birth by Sleep, has so far been exclusive to Japan, making this the first time the title has ventured to western shores.

Below is the official announce trailer for the game, which will arrive later this year on PS3.

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