Homefront: The Revolution announced

Trailer Aaron Birch
3 Jun 2014 - 19:42

Deep Silver has announced a sequel to Homefront with a trailer and promise of more info at E3...

Despite the first Homefront being almost universally mauled by the critics, and being seen by many as one of the worst FPS titles in recent memory, a second game is on the way. Homefront: The Revolution has been revealed by publisher Deep Silver, and it has a trailer introducing us to an America under control by a foreign power.

Unlike the first game, which was a traditional, level-based FPS, Revolution will instead be an open-world, free-roaming title based in the city of Philadelphia, and it'll make use of the latest Crytek engine. It's being worked on by a new team at Crytek UK.

It's being compared to the likes of Ubisoft's Far Cry in terms of structure and gameplay, and will feature an emphasis on guerrilla warfare, with stealthy, subversive tactics being needed for the American rebels to have a hope of surviving against the oppressive regime, which has flourished in the four years since the initial invasion, seen in the first game.

Homefront: The Revolution will be revealed in much more details at E3, but for now, here's the announcement trailer.

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