Xbox One Halo is still coming in 2014

News Aaron Birch 7 Jan 2014 - 07:20

Missing from a recent Xbox Wire post, Halo is still on the way, it's been confirmed...

A recent post on the Xbox Wire news site, thanking players for a great 2013, listed quite a few upcoming titles for the Xbox One this year. The games listed included Titanfall, Watch Dogs, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, The Division, Destiny and more. However, one name missing from the list was Microsoft's flagship series, Halo.

Fans online took this as a sign that the next Halo outing was not coming out this year, but Halo's PR manager, Rob Semsey, confirmed via Twitter that the next Halo game is still coming this year, it just wasn't listed for naming reasons.

It still has no name, but the next game will almost certainly continue the new Halo saga, following on from Halo 4.

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We really, really could use more than a year between Halo releases. 4 was OK. Just OK. Do better. Do more. Take more time.

I'd like a remake of Halo 2's campaign. That game had so much promise

but was so underwhelming. Perhaps as an open-world type affair like ODST.

I want a Halo 2 Anniversary edition like what they did for CE, but make sure that there's a Xbox 360 port then I'll have all the original games on one machine!

I do have Halo 2 for Xbox and play it on the 360 but the game is starting to 'freeze' frames onto the top of the game whilst it's playing. Anyone else get this?

Not sure I'd want a straight remake (though an HD 'Halo Trilogy' with all three games remixed into a single Campaign would be pretty awesome), as I think there are parts of the H2 Campaign that were borderline broken (insane difficulty spikes) and the Arbiter missions, though interesting conceptually, were dull to play through.

To be honest, I feel like the original Halo still has the best Campaign mode, and they've never fulfilled on its promise - though ODST was an interesting take, and Reach at times came close.

The original had problems - copy-pasted corridors being the most obvious, but IMO none of the missions in any of the games since have captured that epic feel of the Silent Cartographer, or Assault on the Control room. They seemed to sacrifice scope and scale for prettier graphics which is a huge shame. As someone who strictly plays Campaign and has no interest in online multiplayer, it feels like singleplayer FPS games in general are regressing rather than progressing.

I will most definitely agree that FPS games are regressing, in the worst and quickest way imaginable. It is mostly to compensate for the growing number of online d-bags and their killsteak/ weapon skin/ loadout obsession (I should say now that I have had small drink and any comment I am making should be taken with the lightest of hearts)

As you were saying though, I shall respectfully disagree...

Halo 2> Halo: Reach> Halo: 3> Halo: CE Anniversary> Halo Wars> Halo: ODST> Halo 4

I seriously cannot wait for a Halo 2 Anniversary Edition (on the Xbox 360 of course!!)

And I am also a solo FPS story mode player, I couldn't give two monkeys shenanigans about sh!tty multiplayer and all the 12 year old obscenities that come with it.

Yeah, I used to enjoy a bout of Goldeneye and the original Halo 4-player, but I just do not enjoy online, never have. Maybe its an age/time thing - if I had loads of time and a big group of mates who all played online all the time I'd get into it.

What I've always enjoyed about games is the exploration side. I love taking my time and really exploring these environments, and that's why I adored the original Halo. The hyper-competitive, insanely fast-paced deathmatch gameplay does nothing for me.

I remember being really disappointed with Halo 2 - I was really looking forward to the Earth-based missions, but they were really brief and limited, and felt like corridors rather than open environments.

Exactly right!
The whole point the developers put in all the detail is so gamers, like you and I, can explore and really appreciate the time and effort put in to making them and really get our money's worth.
And although Halo 4 is my least favourite Halo game (yet my favourite CoD game, ha!) it does still have some gems (only a few) to experience. (Although the scarab and ship explosions seriously take me out of the game at how pathetic they are.)

Hmm, don't know whether I can agree with you on the Earth missions being corridors, there's the alley way and the motorway tunnel, but also the open beaches and city square battles.
And every time I jump onto the back of that scarab I get a huge adrenaline rush! Ha! You feel me?

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