First H1Z1 trailer released

Trailer Aaron Birch
30 Apr 2014 - 08:17

Sony's take on open world zombie survival, H1Z1 is coming, and here's the first trailer...

DayZ is still sitting pretty at the top of Steam's sales charts, and with a slew of similar clones also available, in various stages of development, it looks like the zombie sandbox title where you can be as mean to your fellow man as you can the zombies is fast becoming the next big thing. Sony hasn't missed this fact, and is keen to get in on the action with its new MMO, H1Z1.

Set some 15 years after a zombie outbreak, the game, like many of its stable mates, challenges you to survive in a world overrun with the undead. Zombies will be the primary antagonists, of course, but so too will wildlife and other survivors, with people fighting for precious supplies.

The game will feature a very similar style to other like-minded titles, and also adds drivable vehicles to the mix, giving even more ways to splat the shambling hordes.

H1Z1 is going to release for PC and PlayStation 4 later this year, so for now, have a look at the trailer below.

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