Grand Theft Auto V gameplay trailer

Trailer Aaron Birch 10 Jul 2013 - 15:12

There's another trailer for Grand Theft Auto V, this time showing off actual gameplay, and you can see it right here...

So far GTA V's trailers have shown little in the way of actual gameplay, and have focused more on the world and characters. This time Rockstar has decided to unleash the open world mechanics, and the latest trailer actually shows off gameplay from the upcoming GTA instalment, with much more detail on the game mechanics.

The narrated trailer delves deep into Los Santos, and the world you'll be living in, covering various elements of the game, ranging from elaborate heists and hot-swapping of the trio of protagonists, to side activities such as playing tennis and golf, pimping your rides, getting inked and even buying property and having a crack at the stock exchange.

A demonstration of the multi-character dynamic is shown as the player begins as Michael abseiling from a helicopter into a skyscraper office to grab a target, before quickly zooming out to Franklin to snipe enemies from his perch in an adjacent building. Trevor, piloting the chopper, then takes Michael and his target to the skies.

The switching dynamic is further shown as the player switches from one character to another when each are in totally separate areas of the map doing their own thing. It's impressive, and will hopefully lead to a very unique GTA experience.

Stealing things is another main element of the game, and is shown and detailed a little more. Here you'll be able to plan your own heists, picking the vehicles you'll use, the crew you'll employ and the method of the robbery itself. For example, and as demonstrated here, the jewellery store heist can be executed stealthily by gassing the occupants and simply walking in a taking what you like, or you can go at it like a bull in a china shop, using force and intimidation to achieve your goal.

Although not really detailed, other new additions are shown, such as a new weapon wheel, what seem like a much more robust combat system, and a host of great-looking mini games. Tennis, in particular, looks like it could be a fun diversion, and hunting wildlife will be a first for the series.

There's many more features hidden within the trailer, and there's no doubting Rockstar's aim to bring the series back to the feel of older classic, San Andreas. One thing's for sure, it has the scope and the style already, lets just hope the gameplay is there to match.

Grand Theft Auto V will be released on September 17 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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Jesus Christ, I think I just soiled myself

As awesome as this looks I hope that now it's about ready to release they will start to work on an equally epic new episode in the Red Dead series !

I've been Avoiding this trailer like the plague, all I seen of it was Franklin Holding a Gun and The HUD, but I have not seen it in motion, but ive read everything About and it sounds good, I want to play the game without knowing what the city looks like from a gameplay perspective. Is there anyone else here that just read about what happened in it but not actually watched it ?

I didnt see the trailer but I know what the HUD looks like by seeing a screenshot but haven't seen the trailer, I don't want to spoil. I know ive read all the info abot the game but nothing beats Actually Playing it.

Game Looks good, but I'm not in the mood or the Mind set to play GTA5
Because Almost Every Good TV, Movie and Games are set in NYC or the East Coast. Such as Person of Interest, L&O:SVU, Castle, Boardwalk Empire, Body Of Proof, White Colar, Hannibal, Rizzoli and Iles - All set on the East Coast even some upcoming TV Shows will be set in NYC such as - S.H.I.E.L.D, Sleepy Hollow and Lots More, And some upcomming games will be set on the East Coast such as The Division and Watchdogs movies out now are gravitating towards the east Coast, so Im not in the Mood to Play GTA5. if GTA5 had have been released in 2008 instead I would have loved it a bit more because LA was more popular in Pop Culture with The Transformers Movies set in LA and Disturbia, Desparate Housewives all seemed to Be LA, Crank, 2012, Then there was all the Tony Hawk Games as imaged with Californian Skate Culture. And in the 90s Everything was set in LA - True Lies, Back to The future, Terminator 2 , Lethal Weapon, You get the IDEA, Baisicly the LA setting in movies and TV was popular till 2010 and now everything is set in New York. I guess I'll have to watch a load of movies set in LA to get into the West Coast Mood.

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