GTA Online Heists coming soon

News Aaron Birch
3 Apr 2014 - 06:28

Rockstar has announced some imminent updates to GTA Online, including co-op robberies...

Grand Theft Auto Online is due for some more updates, and these include one of the most anticipated additions to the online crime-fest, the online heists.

First up is this week's Capture Create update, which will allow players to create and share their own capture mode missions. This will be followed by a feature many players have asked for – multiple properties. This will come in the form of the High Life update, and this will make it possible for players to own two different properties at once, allowing the storage of more vehicles, and different safe houses to seek shelter in.

The High Life update will also add some more extras, including new wardrobe items, the Bullpup rifle, the Dinka Thrust motorbike and three new cars, with one being the Pegassi Zentorno super car. Another interesting addition is the new player statistic of mental health. This shows other players what your play style is, and how much of a psycho you may be.

Finally, Rockstar confirmed that the online heists are coming this spring, and will allow players to finally team up in order to plan and execute various robberies.

More holiday-themed updates and story DLC are also planned, and Rockstar will release more information closer to release.

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