Rockstar combats GTA Online cheats

News Aaron Birch
17 Jan 2014 - 05:07

Rockstar has taken the fight to cheaters and exploiters in Grand Theft Auto Online...

If you're a GTA Online player, then you'll no doubt be familiar with the myriad of exploits and cheats currently running amok in the online title, specifically the recent flood of fake money that's ruined the game's economy, and the whole experience for many.

Using a hacked console, a player was able to trick the game into rewarding them with massive amounts of money, and this was then duplicated and given away to all and sundry. Some players were gifted millions of GTA$ randomly, and others were bestowed with literally billions of GTA$ for taking out players with hacked bounties on their heads.

This mass of fake currency lead to the in-game economy becoming all but worthless, with no real reason to actually do anything other than grind for experience and kill other players, as you could afford everything in the game several times over and have money to spare.

The fake money was reported to Rockstar by many players wishing for it to be removed, only for an apparent response that the developer couldn't remove the money from people's accounts. This not only left players will a lack of challenge or incentive to plough on, but also concerns that they'd be punished or even banned, even though they had no control over the money in their accounts.

Well, you probably noticed that GTA Online was down for a while yesterday, and this is because Rockstar is finally fighting back, and has successfully reset the bank balances of many players, pledging to continue the repairs to the game.

Players who simply stumbled upon the rogue finances will have their funds reset to their prior amounts, and they can keep anything they've purchased without fear of reprisal. However, those who actively participated in the exploit will not get off so lightly, and will face stints in the game's naughty corner, the cheater pools, and may even face a ban from the service.

Rockstar also encouraged players to report anyone they see exploiting the game using the in-game reporting system, which has an exploit entry in the list of report reasons.

So, if you were rolling around Los Santos with billions in the bank due to a crooked Robin Hood giving you obscene amounts of green, you may want to get online to check your bank balance. There may be a good reason to play the game again.

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