GTA V to bring back RPG and property elements

News Aaron Birch
3 May 2013 - 08:49

Some information about Grand Theft Auto 5 has surfaced, so read on for a summary...

It's safe to say that GTA V doesn't really need to build up steam, as the mere mention of a new entry in the series is enough to get the masses barking at the moon, and a couple of days after the character reveal trailers, information is flowing thick and fast onto the Internet.

There have been several reports of the game's features, many of which seem to be bringing back elements of GTA's past.

The new game is reportedly going to bring back San Andreas' RPG elements, with each character having a set of statistics, such as strength, driving, lung capacity and stealth. Each of the three protagonists will also boast a unique special ability.

Michael will be able to slow down time during combat so he's able to score deadly head shots with ease. Franklin is able to slow down time whilst driving, making him the better, more alert getaway driver of the trio. Trevor, on the other hand, will be able to use his special skill to increase both his strength and endurance, able to dish out and take more damage.

Although each of the three has special skills unique to them, the other stats will be shared, and will improve with constant practise. However, characters will also specialise here too. Franklin, for example, is the best driver of the three, and so will always be able to outperform the others, although they can also improve in this regard.

Property is set to return, and once again you'll be able to acquire various assets and earn money on the side. This will be tempered by a huge amount of side missions, as well as robberies, which you can scope out, plan and execute with the trio of protagonists, as well as hired help.

Customisation will return, and will allow the customisation of vehicles as Pay 'n' Spray shops, and you can also customise weapons too, adding useful accessories to them.

The world itself is going to be about as large as the one seen in San Andreas, and this will also include a full, underwater eco-system, complete with wreck diving and hidden treasure to be found.

By all accounts, GTA V is certainly looking to raise the open world bar once again, and with a much more open and flexible world, one that's available right from the very start, and the hot-switching of the three characters (which can be done at at will during free play), coupled with a very sexy-looking engine, September can't come soon enough.

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