Gauntlet is back

Trailer Aaron Birch 18 Mar 2014 - 03:13

The retro co-op classic, Gauntlet, is coming back in rebooted form for a new generation...

As one of the first ever co-operative games around, Atari's 1985 classic, Gauntlet, is a title almost all veteran games who grew up in the 80s will remember. It started out in the arcade, and was ported to many home systems. The four player co-op was unique for the time, and the simple mixture of shooting and treasure grabbing within monster-filled mazes made for an addictive title.

Well, almost 30 years after its original release, and following other sequels and reboots, Gauntlet is back once more, this time from Warner Bros. via Steam. It's the first release in WB's 'Games Vault', and it'll bring the same, four-player co-op play, along with contemporary visuals and various modern gaming tweaks, such as environmental obstacles, jumps and special abilities. It's doubtful waiting 200 seconds will turn all the walls into exits, though.

Gauntlet will be released for Windows and SteamOS in the Summer, and you can see the trailer below. Don't forget to feed the red warrior.

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"They will fight together" True, but mainly over who just shot the food and which B**@$£% has reflective shot and is using my ass as target practice. Ah, happy days...

used to skip Uni and, with pockets full of coins, travel to the city to play all afternoon. Would you like to upsize that order ?

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