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How Disney Infinity reworks the original Star Wars movies

Brendon Connelly Feature Oct 9, 2015

The original Star Wars trilogy has been reworked into Disney Infinity 3.0. But how?

Sony's SingStar: what's gone wrong?

Simon Brew Feature Oct 8, 2015

Since a big relaunch of the SingStar videogame last year, updates have been very thin on the ground. So what's happened?

Top 25 brutally difficult videogames

Aaron Birch Feature Oct 1, 2015

Here's a collection of games that'll make you cry, before laughing and pointing at you...

The Gamechangers & why we need a good film about game design

Ryan Lambie Feature Sep 17, 2015

BBC’s The Gamechangers didn’t exactly do its GTA subject matter justice. Ryan explains why we need a great movie about game design...

Games nobody talks about anymore: Mappy

Ryan Lambie Feature Sep 12, 2015

Namco's game of cat-and-mouse didn't grab attention like Pac-Man, but Ryan argues that Mappy's still a platform classic...

What to expect from the upcoming Star Wars videogames

DC Feature Sep 9, 2015

Will the new Star Wars games be a greater success than those of the past? And how will they fit into Lucasfilm’s universe-building plans?

Games nobody talks about anymore: Cabal

Ryan Lambie Feature Aug 31, 2015

The forgotten grandfather of the third-person cover shooter? Ryan takes a look back at the brilliant Cabal...

Genuinely frighting moments in videogames

Aaron Birch Feature Aug 27, 2015

From P.T. and System Shock 2 through to BioShock and Batman - some games are far better at scaring than others!

Games nobody talks about anymore: Magical Flying Hat Turbo Adventure

Ryan Lambie Feature Aug 22, 2015

The Sega Mega Drive's weirdest game? Ryan takes a look back at the incredibly strange Magical Flying Hat Turbo Adventure...

Hands on with the retro run-and-gunner, Cuphead

Mark Coupe Feature Aug 20, 2015

It's a retro platformer with stunning hand-drawn animated graphics. We go hands on with Cuphead...