Fable Anniversary trailer

Trailer Aaron Birch
22 Jan 2014 - 06:32

A new trailer for the upcoming HD remake of Lionhead's Fable has been released, and here it is...

It's been 10 years since the original Fable was released on the first Xbox, and although Lionhead's action RPG series has both its fans and its haters, it's endured the years, spawning two proper sequels, and a new instalment is on the way for the Xbox One.

To celebrate a decade of the RPG series, Microsoft is re-releasing the original Fable on Xbox 360 in a remastered, HD form. Fable Anniversary will, like Halo Anniversary, be the same core game as the initial release, but it'll take advantage of the added power of the Xbox 360, something the below trailer clearly shows. As well as the improved aesthetics, Fable Anniversary will also feature a new save system.

Fable Anniversary will be released on Xbox 360 on February 4 in the US and February 7 in Europe. It'll be joined on the same dates by the recently announced Fable Trilogy, which includes Fable Anniversary, alongside Fable II and III.

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