Don Mattrick departs Microsoft for Zynga

News Aaron Birch
2 Jul 2013 - 07:33

President of Microsoft's interactive entertainment division, Don Mattrick, is leaving for pastures new...

Don Mattrick, president of Microsoft's interactive entertainment section was one of the people that bore the brunt of the Xbox One controversy, and arguably didn't make things any easier with some of his comments regarding always on connectivity and backwards compatibility. Having come under a whole host of fire regarding the new platform, he's not the most popular guy with gamers to say the least, but that's not all that important now, as he's left the role.

Mattrick is heading to Farmville creator, Zynga, as its new CEO. In a letter to Zynga employees he stated that he's always admired the company and its role In making gaming a mainstream hobby, and now wishes to see Zynga realise its full potential.

Back at Microsoft, at this time there's no replacement lined up for Mattrick (CEO Steve Ballmer will oversee things for now), and although reports claim he resigned his post, at the time of writing this is to be confirmed. Some may suspect he was pushed, given the calamity the Xbox One reveal suffered, but again, this is all just conjecture.

Despite any gaffes made with the Xbox One, Mattrick oversaw the Xbox 360, which quickly became a global success, and a household name when it comes to gaming. His direction may have changed over the years to encompass a more multimedia focus, but you can't deny the rapid growth of the 360 and Xbox Live during his tenure.

We'll have to see where Mattrick takes Zynga going forward, and if his eventual replacement at Microsoft makes any substantial changes to Xbox.


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