Watch the fantastic Deus Ex: Human Revolution fan film

News Aaron Birch
27 Mar 2014 - 02:30

A fan-made short film of Deus Ex: Human Revolution has been released, and it's impressive to say the least...

With Hollywood so often failing to please hardened fans of various licenses, from comic books to games, the mantle often falls to those very fans to do things right. We've seen all sorts of fan-made movies surface online, with short stories based on the likes of Judge Dredd, The Legend of Zelda and Portal, to name but a few, and now Deus Ex has been given the fan treatment.

Still a property to be tapped into by Hollywood, Deus Ex is a game series that many fans would love to see on the big screen, and its story of human augmentation, both mechanical and nano-technological would make for interesting viewing if done right.

Thankfully, that's just what's been done here, and this 12-minute short, courtesy of Machinima, focuses on Deus Ex: Human Revolution's Adam Jensen, and sees his ex-girlfriend, Megan Reed, held hostage by sinister businessman and Illuminati big-hitter, Bob Page.

It features characters from Human Revolution, with a story slightly remixed to feature a certain female assassin, and although not specifically stated, would seem to pose a possible lead into the Grey Death and nano-augmentation story of the first game in the series.

It's all very well done, with great effects and it stays true to the game, with familiar faces, voice work and augmented powers. Even the casting is impressive, with good likenesses of the main characters.

So, if you're a Deus Ex fan and want to see what Mr Jensen could look like on the big screen, have a look.

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