Masses of Destiny details released

News Aaron Birch
5 Dec 2013 - 04:11

The latest issue of Game Informer has revealed a ton of information about Bungie's Destiny...

Initially arriving in beta form on Sony's PS3 and PS4, Bungie's first non-Halo title, Destiny, is highly anticipated and a mass of new information about almost every aspect of the game has been released via a Game Informer article.

The information includes details on character progression, special skills, weapons, armour, vehicles, world locations, enemies, multiplayer gameplay and much more. The information is extensive, and below you'll find just some of the highlights, which were paraphrased by Reddit user, Usplendid.

  • Choosing a class sets a tone by establishing style of abilities: What really determines how you play is how you develop your "focus". Each class (Hunter, Warlock, and Titan) have a class-specific focus.
  • "Focuses" are the primary way we level and improve characters. Each focus advances from level 1 - 20. Within each focus their are tiers for different abilities (passive bonuses, weapon specialty bonuses, grenade types, unique movements like double jump and teleport, melee bonuses).
  • Each focus has a "super ability" associated with it that can also be upgraded.
  • We can switch between focuses: i.e. pick a more competitive focus for pvp and the switch to a more support focus for cooperative.
  • Primary, Secondary, and Heavy weapons use three different color-coded ammo types.
  • Armor is class-specific.
  • Destiny has all players together in one massive world and links you with smaller groups at appropriate locations and times.
  • You call on you personal vehicle to traverse land quicker with the push of a button.
  • Side missions can pop up anywhere, even during another mission. You can choose to take them or not (these missions could range from escorting a VIP to safety or killing a certain amount of enemy types).

There's plenty more information at the link underneath, and you can also see another take on the info by YouTube user DattoDoesDestiny in the video below.

Destiny will release in 2014 on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.


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