Demon's Souls 2 coming to PS4?

News Aaron Birch 5 May 2014 - 03:06

Is Sony going to make up for previous mistakes and release Demon's Souls 2 for PS4?

Dark Souls is the spiritual successor to the PS3's Demon's Souls for one major reason – Sony owns the rights to the Demon's Souls IP. Although Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida initially claimed that Demon's Souls was “unbelievably bad”, leading to Atlus and Namco Bandai publishing the game in the west, the first game was a breakout hit, impressing both critics and gamers. Sony didn't continue with the series, but FromSoftware managed to secure a deal with Namco Bandai, and Dark Souls was born.

Sony clearly dropped the ball here, but if recent leaks are true, then it would appear as though it's going to try and pick that ball back up, and has realised its mistake, as Demon's Souls 2 could well be coming as an exclusive to the PS4.

Leaked on NeoGAF are a selection of screens from a new FromSoftware title codenamed Project Beast. These images show what appears to be a very similar title to the Souls games, although the character featured sports what appears to be a shotgun, hinting at a different time period.

The style of the visuals looks very similar to the Souls series, and there's even a shot of the player walking through a fog gate, another staple of the action RPG. The visuals look much better too, pointing to the PS4, or at least current gen tech.

The name of the project could mean we're in for either a new Souls spin-off, Beast Souls (Dark Souls was called Project Dark in development), or this could simply be a working title to cover the Demon's Souls name.

The PS4 is a superb console, but there's no denying the lack of games for the platform at the moment, so a heavy-hitting exclusive like Demon's Souls would surely be a wise move by Sony. Still, as this is simply a rumour, all we can do is hope for now.

Here are some of the images from the leak, and you can see the rest at NeoGAF (link below).


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That would be awesome! Dark Souls is a great game (haven't played the second one yet), but I thought Demon's Souls was a lot better.

do it please and do the 10 dollar trade up thing too because i already have it for ps3

oops wrong title i misread and am now even more psyched yes please demons souls 2 would be a great exclusive

I hope not at least not exclusive

You own a game that isnt out yet?

Its a Sony project...

Having played all three (Demon's Souls, and Dark Souls I and II) I personally disagree. I like Dark Souls I best, Demon's second. However, a Demon's Souls successor on the PS4 would be a system-seller for me and I'm sure many others...

For me, the game world of Boletaria just clicked a little better. It felt more desolated and creepy for a reason. I'm also particularly partial to the Nexus and the game world being broken up into smaller portions, as opposed to one big integral world, but I'm guessing I'm a minority on that.

I know it is witch is one reason I don't want it to actually be true

I corrected myself above you see i misread the title this isn't the same account because my phone won't let me log in

So you want to keep a game from happening just because it is exclusive?
Sounds pretty senfish to me maybe we should cancel titanfall, halo, and angry birds too

if its real its real I don't really care it would just be better if it was for all. nothing needs to be canceled. if it comes out I will look forward to it if I can save enough money from paying bills to buy a ps4. I have a 360 my ps3 no longer works and I got an xbox one from a good friend of mine as a gift but demon and dark souls are pretty much the same so if a demons souls is made xbox only players should be able to play a game they may love without buying a new system I mean sony did not even want demon souls at first and kept it after so they had to change it to dark souls. sorry this was s long and my writing is so bad.

Console exclusivity is nothing new, and if these rumours are true then you can bet your ass that it will be an exclusive, and you can bet your ass that is the main reason they would even make a DeS 2.

No, no, it was WAY better. The feel of the entire Demons Souls game was way better than both of the Dark Souls games. While they try (very forcefully) to be dark and difficult, Demons Souls had it woven into the very fabric of the gameworld. Nothing comes close to the environments of that game, no matter how bleak they try to make it (I.E. Blighttown or The Gutter). Demons Souls will always be greater than those games, and I am SO hopeful that this will be the sequel.

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