New Daylight trailers

Trailer Aaron Birch
15 Apr 2014 - 05:57

The new first-person horror title, Daylight, is coming at the end of April, and Atlus has released two new trailers...

The trend of scaring gamers silly via weaponless first-pserson adventures is continuing to grow, and soon to join the ranks of Outlast, Slender Man and Amnesia is Atuls' Daylight.

Daylight, like its genre stable mates, puts you in a traditionally terrifying place, this time an old hospital, and tasks you wish escape. Of course, the hospital isn't totally deserted, and a dark history and plenty of things that go bump in the night are ready to give the edge of your seat a workout.

The only thing you have to aid you is a mobile phone, and the light it produces, as well as a selection of other items, and you'll need them, as the game will be different every time you play it. Daylight will be a procedurally generated title, meaning that the world will be created randomly and on the fly, instead of set environment.

This approach will mean that you'll always face new challenges and obstacles, and more importantly, you'll never know what's around the corner, or what to expect, surely a key feature of any horror title. This is a game that should continue to scare, no matter how many times you play it.

Daylight will be released on PlayStation 4 and PC on April 29, and you can see the two trailers for the game below.

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