Dark Souls II PC launch trailer

Trailer Aaron Birch
25 Apr 2014 - 05:13

It's been a long wait for PC players eager to seek adventure and death in Dark Souls II, but now it's here...

Console players have been questing and doing battle with all manner of beastly foes in Drangleic for a few weeks now, and despite some concerns of graphical downgrading, most would agree that Dark Souls II is a damn fine game. Well, now PC players will finally get the chance to experience the ARPG, and you can see the launch trailer for it below.

Unlike the poor PC port of the original Dark Souls, Dark Souls II was apparently PC-lead in development, and so for all intents and purposes, this edition of the game is potentially the definitive version, featuring improved visuals, effects and a higher resolution. It also runs at 60 frames per second (which I should note, can't be seen via YouTube, as the site only supports 30fps).

Other improvements include far quicker loading times, around 3-4 seconds instead of 30 or so, and although the game still doesn't look up to the high standard set by the early TGS PS3 demo, this looks to be the best possible version of the game for now. That is, until famous Dark Souls modder, Durante, issues his own custom fix, which he's reportedly working on already.

So, if you're a PC owning Dark Souls fan, now's your chance to try out the challenging ARPG. Dark Souls II is available in stores, and via Steam.

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