Fancy some Christmas Tinner?

News Aaron Birch
7 Dec 2013 - 06:01

Video game retailer, Game, is on a mission to feed gamers and banish the dreaded Christmas dinner wash up...

It's not often we report on food here at Den of Geek, but this particular serving of festive cheer got our attention. It would appear as though high street retailer, Game, is set to make the traditional Christmas dinner a little more approachable for those who simply can't tear themselves away from their shiny new next gen consoles.

The answer? Christmas Tinner – A full two-course festive meal in a tin, complete with turkey, potatoes, gravy and even Christmas pudding, all mashed up into a tin for easy eating. Er... Yum?

Already trialled in its Basingstoke store, Game may roll out the, some may say stomach-churning, product in all stores, if there's enough gamer demand.

Game has created this tinned meal as, according to the retailer's research, 43 per cent of gamers spend the entire day gaming, and would rather not break away to endure a normal meal. The Christmas Tinner would enable the consumption of the usual Christmas meal, without the need to set the table, place the crackers and endure those terrible jokes.

Should this mash-up of Yuletide ingredients appeal to you, the tins are on sale for £1.99, and are available online.

UPDATE: It would appear as though the Christmas Tinner meals are sold out online, with a note that they'll return in Christmas 2014. Maybe they tasted better than we thought.


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