New Call of Duty reveal on May 4

News Aaron Birch
2 May 2014 - 03:10

The 'new era' of Call of Duty will be officially revealed this Sunday...

The next instalment of Call of Duty is coming soon, and on May 4 we'll find out exactly what it's going to be. Ahead of this announcement, Activision has issued a teaser, 'Superpower For Hire', that focuses on the rise of PMCs in the real world, and the worry of where this military for hire approach will go.

It's a good bet, then, that the new Call of Duty will involve PMCs in some capacity, but whether we'll be playing as these hired guns, or fighting against them remains to be seen. We suspect at some point these PMCs will be a foe, hinted at strongly by the teaser's closing question “What happens if they stop taking orders, and start taking over?”

The announcement also came with a game render, and an interesting information slide detailing the PMC industry and its growth. It's actually a little worrying.

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