Double Fine 'Adventure' titled Broken Age

News Aaron Birch
25 Mar 2013 - 05:14

Double Fine 'Adventure' titled Broken Age...

Tim Schafer's Kickstarter campaign was the catalyst that arguably started the crowdfunding craze, and the game, previously known only as 'Double Fine Adventure' quickly smashed its funding target.

Now, a while after the game's initial announcement, Double Fine has unveiled the title for the game, along with some details.

Speaking at Pax East, Double Fine revealed that the new game will be called Broken Age, and will be a classic-style point and click adventure, with dual protagonists existing in parallel. The official info from the game's website also details the story.

The game will revolve around a boy and girl, both leading very different lives. The girl finds herself in a bit of a pickle after her village chooses her to be sacrificed to an evil monster, and attempts to change her fate, whilst the boy is living on his own on a spaceship, cared for by a computer AI. His humdrum life isn't enough for him, and he wishes to break free and set out on an adventure.

The website (link below) is accepting pre-orders for the game, which is currently priced at $15 for beta access, or $30 for backer access. The latter of these two options includes access for special forums, all past and ongoing episodes of the development documentary and development materials, as well as access to the beta. Both options will include DRM-free access to the final game.

Broken Age website

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