Bravely Default launch trailer

Trailer Aaron Birch
5 Dec 2013 - 03:26

New 3DS RPG, Bravely Default, has a launch trailer ahead of its arrival tomorrow...

If there's one thing Nintendo and its portable 3DS system knows how to do well it's the good old JRPG. The platform, and its predecessors has long been home to some of the finest JRPG releases around, and new Square Enix title, Bravely Default, looks set to continue this trend.

Using a compelling combat system that lets you defend against attacks whilst building up strength for more powerful, and multiple ripostes, as well as a time freezing ability and job system, the game should be a visually striking role player, and this launch trailer certainly paints that picture.

Being on the 3DS, the game will also make use of the platform's unique capabilities, such as the obvious 3D visuals and the Streetpass functions, which allows player who meet on the street to band together to rebuild the game's town of Norende.

Bravely Default will launch on the Nintendo 3DS on December 6.

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