Borderlands 2 prequel in development?

News Aaron Birch
8 Apr 2014 - 04:46

New reports claim a prequel to Borderlands 2 is on the way, but that pinch of salt is advised...

It's merely a rumour, folks, but according to a report from website, GamePointsNow, 2K's Australian arm is working on a new Borderlands game. This won't be Borderlands 3, which has already been confirmed by Gearbox CEO, Randy Pitchford, as not in development at this time, but it will be a prequel to the second game in the series.

According to the rumour, the new game will be set on a Pandora's moon, and the Hyperion moon base instead of Pandora itself, and will introduce new weapon types and jetpacks, alongside four new characters. It'll be co-op, of course, and takes place in the five year period between the first and second games.

The story involves a younger incarnation of Handsome Jack, called John, a lowly programmer for Hyperion. He's hunting for alien artefacts, and players take on the role of one of his four henchmen. These are Athena The Gladitor, FragTrap (a combat version of Claptrap), Nisha The Lawbringer, and Wilhem The Enforcer.

As pointed out by GamePointsNow, these characters have appeared elsewhere in the series, with Athena being a character in the first game's General Knoxx DLC, and Wilhem being a heavy loader boss from the second game.

The game is apparently going to be set for a release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, maybe by the end of this year. I've got my sceptic hat ready to go, though, so until either 2K or Gearbox issue a confirmation, file this as sketchy. Given the success of the series, however, it's not totally unlikely.


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