Bloodborne trailer and release date

Trailer Aaron Birch
2 Sep 2014 - 07:04

PS4 exclusive Bloodborne has a release date in Japan, along with a new trailer...

Bloodborne, the next IP coming from Demon's Souls and Dark Souls developer, From Software, now has a release date in Japan. February 5 2015 is the magic date for PS4 owners waiting on the next direction of the Souls series, at least in Japan.

The below trailer is for the Japanese gaming audience, and so the release date may change for the western release. However, Dark Souls 2's release was an international one, so we may also get the game at the same time, or within the same week.

Bloodborne looks every bit the Souls game at heart, but there have been many changes to the formula to take the title in a new direction. Most notably is the move away from the defensive combat style seen in the Souls games, to a much more attacking, and fast-paced style, including guns.

Bloodborne should be a very strong PS4 exclusive release next year, so have a look at the trailer below and check out the new style and combat.

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