Beyond: Two Souls coming to PS4?

News Aaron Birch
22 Apr 2014 - 05:46

A Director's Cut of Beyond: Two Souls could be headed to the PS4 if reports are to be believed...

Rumours have emerged online, via the always interesting NeoGAF, that Quantic Dreams' story-heavy adventure, Beyond: Two Souls, may be coming to the PS4. The new version, if it really exists, will apparently be a Director's Cut that'll feature additional scenes, including a section featuring the protagonist, Jodie, as a baby. Improved visuals would also be a big focus, making use of the PS4's increased power.

The game's title was spotted in a programmer's portfolio. This has since been removed from the Internet, but the programmer in question also worked on the impressive PS4 tech demo, The Dark Sorcerer. There are even some shots of Jodie, played by Ellen Page, rendered in the same tech used by the sorcerer demo, tagged with the PS4 logo. Some code references also mention the DualShock 4.

Quantic Dream's games always split public opinion. Some revel in the deep stories and excellent presentation, whilst others bemoan the lack of any real gameplay, but the games are always interesting, and technically impressive. This would make the title a good fit for the PS4, and with Naughty Dog revisiting The Last of Us on the PS4, there's every possibility that Beyond: Two Souls will also make it onto the PS4.


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