EA announces Battlefield Hardline

News Ryan Lambie 28 May 2014 - 07:39

First-person shooter franchise Battlefield Hardline will be taking on a police theme, EA has revealed...

It's been fully expected that a new entry in the successful Battlefield series would arrive this autumn, but details about it have, until recently, been a closely guarded secret. It's now been revealed, however, that the next game in EA's shooter franchise will be called Battlefield Hardline, and that it will take a rather different approach from the military underpinnings seen in earlier entries.

The concept this time, it seems, is cops and robbers. The first image from the game shows thieves in balaclavas storming a bank vault, piles of cash, and what appears to be a close-up of a law enforcer wearing a pair of shades.

Battlefield Hardline was due to be formally announced at EA next month, but details have leaked courtesy of the Better Battlelog forums. Thanks to them, we've learned that there'll be two factions in the game - SWAT and thieves - and four soldier classes: Enforcer, Mechanic, Operator and Professional.

It certainly sounds like an intriguing direction for Battlefield, and after several entries taking place in dusty war zones, it could provide a refreshing change of image, too.

EA are set to reveal more about Battlefield Hardline and its other forthcoming games at E3 on June the 9th. In the meantime, here's the first official image. 


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MEH! ...... M ...... E ...... H ........ MEH!
After the quite frankly embarrassing release of BF4 I am not going to pony up for this one.
After BF3 I swore that I wouldn't buy BF4 until they had fixed all of the inevitable bugs that would be released with it. But bigger fool that I am, I caved after the first month and a half of release and got the game and Premium as well (thankfully much cheaper though). I am determined NOT to do that again.

I have to say that this makes me somewhat more interested in another BF game. I bought BF4 on premium on release and was just never taken with it. I got bored of it very quickly as just being more of the same.

I think FarCry 3 is what changed it for me. Coming to FC3 somewhat late in the day and picking it up on promotion way after release, but after spending hours of fun playing FC3, BF just seemed a bit bland afterwards. I won't get this on release, I'll save my pennies for FC4 and hope that they have a full on implementation of co-op play.

How about EA get Battlefield 4 fixed before moving on...

Couldn't agree more. The whole shambles has been an absolute disgrace, and now they appear to be drawing a line under it and moving on. Shocking

Seeing as it's visceral doing it the single player campaign will almost certainly be better than battlefield 4's

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