New Batman game on the way?

News Aaron Birch
3 Mar 2014 - 01:41

According to a GameStop leak, a new Batman: Arkham game reveal is coming...

It's being reported over at Kotaku that a leak from gaming retailer, GameStop, has unearthed the possible imminent reveal of a new Batman: Arkham game.

The supposed leak provided Kotaku with a photo of a new promotional banner for Batman sporting the Arkham series logo. As the site points out, this could be for an existing title or DLC (it could even be for a trilogy re-release, possibly on next-gen), but it's believed that it's for a new title in the series, and one to be developed by Rocksteady. The banners came with instructions stating that they are not to be displayed until the week commencing March 3, so we'll know for certain soon.

Also supplied was mention of a new 'Zeppelin' poster for the game, although the connection this represents to the possible Batman release is currently unknown. Lastly, Kotaku was also sent a screenshot of a release schedule listing various titles, including The Crew (August 31), Destiny (September 9), and Drive Club (April 1). Also listed is 'Available SKU' for October 8, which could be a new Batman as both Arkham City and Origins were released in October, but that's a bit of a stretch, and in truth it could reference anything. It should also be noted that other dates not already confirmed, such as The Crew and Drive Club could be place holders, and not final dates.


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