Batman: Arkham Knight trailer

Trailer Aaron Birch
22 May 2014 - 15:33

A new trailer for Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham Knight is here, and it shows off some gameplay...

The finale of the Arkham series is coming soon from Rocksteady, and Arkham Knight promises more of the Arkham series staple combat and gadget-slinging, with the introduction of Batman's wheels, the Batmobile.

The story of Arkham Knight will see Scarecrow make his return, this time as the major antagonist, and he'll gather together some of Batman's most dangerous villains, and a new threat will be introduced in the form of the titular Arkham Knight.

The trailer below apparently shows in-game footage, and if this is true, then we're in for one fine-looking game. Actual gameplay is short, but we can see some of the typically acrobatic combat, and the Batmobile can be seen in action, complete with missiles, the ability to drive up walls and along ceilings, and can hurl Batman into the fray by ejecting him at speed. Oh, and the new Batsuit looks pretty tasty too.

Check out the trailer for yourself below while we wait for the game to arrive later this year on Xbox One, PlaySation 4 and PC.

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