Batman: Arkham Knight reveal trailer

Trailer Aaron Birch 5 Mar 2014 - 04:03

The recent leak of a new Batman game was real, and Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham Knight is coming...

GameInformer has blown the lid off the new Batman: Arkham game coming from Rocksteady, and it's called Batman: Arkham Knight. It's going to be the last Arkham game of the series, which saw its origin story told by WB's Arkham Origins last year.

The story takes place after the events of Arkham City, and looks like it'll star a far more Nolan-esque version of Batman, complete with a rather nifty looking Batmobile. The villains Two-Face, Penguin and Harley Quinn are all confirmed, with the Joker's girl being available as a playable character via a pre-order bonus.

Rocksteady has said that the Batmobile will be core element of the gameplay this time, and driving will be mixed in with the usual combat and gliding gameplay of the series, and the Gotham of the piece will be far larger, with plenty of scope for driving mechanics. You can see the first trailer below.

Batman: Arkham Knight will be released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 later this year, and there's currently no word on last gen or Wii U adaptations.


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Thank goodness for the return of Rocksteady!

I'm really looking forward to seeing more of this game; the trailer has definitely got me excited!


Looks excellent! Hope the term 'finale' doesn't mean they'll never make another superhero game, no one does it better at the moment

One would think 'finale' refers to the Batman story of the 'Arkham' universe as told by Rocksteady. I see no reason why they wouldn't try to have a go at making another superhero game, seeing how well-praised and successful they've been so far.

Let's hope so!

They'll blatantly keep making batman games after this one, it's a massive cashcow. The whole 'final chapter' bit is probably just to get rid of the, now redundant, 'Arkham' from the titles.

I'm in a minority it seems, but I thought Origins was pretty decent. It wasn't as good as Asylum or City but it certainly wasn't as bad as the folk keep saying.

'Origins' really was decent, but WB Montreal have definitely not helped garner appreciation for it with their PR. The number of bugs present upon release made the game seem an unfinished product, and the stated priority of releasing DLC over fixing the remaining bugs have made it all seem like a blatant crash-grab.

Rocksteady, on the other hand, didn't have these problems with their PR and their games definitely seem more complete. Rocksteady's method seems to be to tease any future instalments in current games (like Sharp's 'Arkham City' plans in 'Asylum' and Azrael's prophecy and Scarecrow's barge in 'City'). If there are blatant hints like this, it could be the franchise will be milked further, but otherwise, I'm definitely inclined to believe Rocksteady when they say this will be the 'final chapter'.

What WB/DC decide to do afterwards, however, remains to be seen.

Day one buy for sure!

FINALY Batman will be getting my money. I'm not a fan of Barman but I like the Nolan Movie Batman Begains, so I buy this for next gen systems.

I'm disliking the Nolan-esque gritty realism approach they seem to be taking. I loved the Arkham universe for what it was, a perfect mix of Batman fantasy and realism. It'll be a shame to see them compromise that balanced style just because Warners Bros. likes telling us that Nolan Batman is the in thing at the moment.

The Arkham games Batman always was a mix between the comic one and the Nolan one. It's also interesting that at the end of 2014 there also will be a Batman: Arkham animated movie. Will it tie in with the game?

I really liked the first in the series and managed to finish it, hoever Arknam city is just to open ended, and I seem to play for hours without really making enough progress. I know, value for money and all that, but I don't have 9hrs an evening to kill on gaming anymore. Maybe it's time to put the keyboard and gamepad down. (shuffles sadly towards the glowing door of computer gaming heaven). - wow that was down wasn't it.

Holy cow, I think that trailer was better than Dark knight rises (the movie) and finally a game that excites me for the PS4.

They will just replace the word Arkham with Gotham for games after this I reckon.

It's lazy.

But who am I kidding, I'd buy it now if they let me.

I don't understand the Thomas Wayne will reading. He didn't know that he and his wife were going to die, so what's with the testimony clearly addressing Bruce as a child. Clumsy.

i have an xbox one and it Seems to be a lot of people on facebook and youtube complaining about not being on 360 or ps3 which i sort of get not everyone can afford a next gen system but if rocksteady are wanting to make a game with amazing graphics 5 times the size of city the older consoles will just not run it, it is a shame but i sort of understand. i hope the batman games don't end here.

What a joke. Batmans dad preparing for the world of Gotham??? Dude got killed in an alley! Come on!

You think that trailer was realistic??

I didn't read any reviews for any of the games, but I finished Asylum and City (in fact, played through twice), but never finished origins. It wasn't a bad game, just seemed too samey. I hope they shake it up a bit for the new one

If it's anything like the comics then Thomas/Martha would have received a lot of death threats because of the work they're doing in Gotham. So I'd imagine he updated his will pretty regularly.

Yes Nolan has given batman an era that's right! Just as adam west and co did! (i did hate that thou) its actually true that batman is the hope of little boys every where and when a new generation comes along they will but there stamp on it que Zack Synder and co.

I appreciate you dont like the style your just stating the obvious thou

Hoooolly hell that looks incredible.

I do like Nolan's style for his movies, my complaint was more about Warner Bros. changing all DC fiction to be more like Nolan's Batman rather than allowing them have their own creative identities.

All very true. WB Montreal's PR has been pretty poor, although the bugs and rush were probably due to an imposed release deadline. They had to get the game out in 2013 in order to beat the PR machine of Arkham Knight.

I wonder what the politics of it all were. I mean, why was Origins even needed? If the PR had kicked off for Arkham Knight a year ago I'd probably have been quite happy to wait, I didn't need a Batman game to play in the meantime. Seems like Origins was just filler. Don't get me wrong, enjoyable filler, but filler nonetheless.

I think I watched the part where he disarmed the guy with the bat like 30 times before I could fully digest its awesomeness.

"Why was Origins even needed?" HE'S BATMAN?

Seriously though, I haven't played Origins yet, I plan to get it at some point (I was kinda hoping for a GOTY edition or FINAL EDITION or something similar so I don't have to grab a tonne of DLC). I want to play it to complete my OCD like franchise tendencies but I want to play Arkham Knight more.

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