First trailer lands for Alien: Isolation

Feature Ryan Lambie 7 Jan 2014 - 18:03

Gibber - it's the first trailer for Creative Assembly's Giger-themed horror videogame, Alien: Isolation...

We'll be the first to admit that Aliens: Colonial Marines wasn't exactly worth the wait, and we were waiting a long, long time to play it. But call it a hunch, or call it naivety, but we're quietly hoping that Creative Assembly's attempt at making an Alien-themed videogame tie-in finally gives us the experience we've been looking for.

The studio's certainly established its own tone here, with the atmosphere and gameplay more along the lines of the original 1979 Alien film than the gung-ho blaster we suffered through last year. This time, you take on the role of Amanda Ripley, the daughter of the flame-thrower toting heroine from the film franchise, who's investigating the disappearance of her mother. 

As we understand it, there's just one alien stalking the player this time, which means we should be in for a game of suspense and survival rather than all-out war. This is undoubtedly a Good Thing, since it means HR Giger's most famous creation has a chance of becoming a figure of menace again instead of the embarrassing jazz-hands dancing xenomorphs we viewed with mouths agape in 2012.

As the trailer says, Alien: Isolation's due out later this year for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. We remain cautiously optimistic.


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Fascinating idea, and the way they are keeping the spirit of the original is definitely something to be celebrated, I'm just not sure how running away from one Xenomorph will sustain an entire game. Surely there'll be more to it?

I always preferred the first film for its horror so I'm pretty excited about this. Plus there have been lots of Alien-universe shooters already

Fool me once, aliens vs predator
Fool me twice alien: colonial marines....

This is an interesting idea that should only fail if they don't fill the premise out properly. Obviously you're not going to be able to kill the alien until the very end (if at all) which is going to mean a lot of running away. I'm hoping for puzzles

those sound's were used in both aliens and alien trailors

Play any of the Amnesia games for one way this could work very well (not to everyone's taste, but they are well made).

I really, really, really hope they don't f*ck up the PC version. Too many chances have been squandered with lazy console ports. Some of us PC gamers (and Alien fans) have powerful hardware that *needs* to be used to the max.

AvP was a great game. Really, great. Better than Colonial Marines, which by comparison was poor graphically and also in terms of continuity and story it was pretty awful. But it wasn't as terrible as a lot of people make out.

The original PC version was great, moody and scary - the Xbox version i got from 4-5 years ago was utter tosh though. The graphics were pretty awful though, as well as the story IMHO

Correct me if I'm wrong but it looks like she's on the Nostromo...

Agreed, AvP from a few years back was terrible and the reason i held back on Colonial Marines... thankfully.

It's got potential. A lot of it will fall on the writing. She needs an android (Ian Holm to voice it?) also the story of Ripley's daughter could easily have been falsified in the Aliens Directors Cut, Burke proved to be untrustworthy and the Weyland Corp clearly don't care for anyone. I'm thinking this could be a bridge between Alien and Aliens if done correctly! So much potential. Hell, I've got a lot of ideas in my head about Aliens.

I would prefer it if there were multiple xenomorphs and even though they are tough (like in the second film) I have at least a chance with my pulse rifle in hand to lay the smack down on them as opposed to just running like hell as all I have is a weapon like the flame thrower (which as it's use was suggested by Ash who was trying to protect the Alien probably wouldn't have been very effective anyway!) or some other cobbled together crap weapon as I am not on a military ship....cue lots of creeping around corridors in the dark and plenty of boo scares....

I really enjoyed the last one. Sure the multi-player was rubbish, but the single player game was a pretty good story / sequel to Aliens. But, granted, you probably needed to be a fan of the movies to really enjoy it.

Hope this thing won't suffer from DLC syndrome (Rome II anyone?).

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