Alien Isolation artwork leaked online

News Aaron Birch
10 Dec 2013 - 04:40

Some interesting artwork for Creative Assembly's reported Alien game has leaked online...

Although the Alien series has had a turbulent time in the gaming world, with more flops than hits, notably Sega and Gearboxes recent poor effort, the series is undeniably ripe for the picking, and RTS specialist Creative Assembly is set to take a stab next.

Oddly, though, Alien Isolation won't be sat within CA's comfort zone, and isn't set to be a strategy title, but instead it'll be another attempt at an Alien FPS, this time starring Ellen Ripley's daughter, Amanda.

The game will mix the usual alien-blasting action in with stealth, a la Dishonored (according to a previous report from Kotaku), and by the looks of the artwork, will see Amanda stranded in a rather decrepit-looking space station.

Sega has apparently held its hands up with regards to Gearbox's lacklustre Alien release, and so we're hoping that Creative Assembly can deliver an Alien game that's actually good. For now, have a look at the artwork.


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