The top 25 must-play videogames of 2014

Feature Aaron Birch 6 Dec 2013 - 06:41

There are some videogame corkers coming up next year, and here's our pick of the top 25 you just can't miss...

Now that the next generation of games consoles are on sale, and support for the Xbox 360 and PS3 is continuing for some time, 2014 is shaping up to be a banner year for gamers, and there are plenty of big titles on the way.

These titles are set to both bring back beloved game series and to show us just what's possible with the new and powerful next gen platforms. Some are delayed titles we should have had already, and others are new, intriguing releases that we just can't wait to get our hands on. So, without further ado, let's take a look at our pick of the top 25 must-play games of 2014.

25. Sunset Overdrive

An open-world, highly stylised shooter, Sunset Overdrive, exclusive to the Xbox One, comes from the previously PlayStation-only Insomniac, creator of Spyro, Ratchet and Clank, and Resistance, so it was always going to attract our attention. What's more, it's filled with some splat-tastic mutants, crazy weapons and free-running multiplayer with a dash of co-op. What's not to like?

24. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

With one of the most interesting trailers we've seen for some time, the apocalyptic Everybody's Gone to the Rapture has us in its grip. Supposedly a spiritual successor to the acclaimed Dear Esther, the latest title by The Chinese Room will be an open-world adventure for the PlayStation 4, and takes place after the world ends, following six different characters as they survive the now barren world.

23. Mad Max

An open-world game that'll mix vehicle and on-foot gameplay, Mad Max is a perfect license for the sandbox game formula, and Avalanche has plenty of practice after the Just Cause titles, so we've got high hopes. And, after some heated feedback, Max is going to have a proper Aussie accent, keeping the license and its identity in tact. The game will arrive ahead of the new film, incidentally: Mad Max: Fury Road has been put back to May 2015.

22. X

Another spiritual successor, this time to the excellent Xenoblade Chronicles, the mysterious 'X' from Monolith Soft is coming for the Wii U, and it's quickly generated a buzz amongst gamers. X looks set to feature a vast open world populated with giant, transforming mechs and all manner of deadly sorts, and if it's anything like Xenoblade, we've got some high quality RPG action to look forward to on the Wii U.

21. Fable Legends

Although the Fable series has never really lived up to the considerable hype generated by Peter Molyneux, we've always had a soft spot for the charming fairytale RPG. After three main titles that focused on solo play, only dabbling with multiplayer (and not very well at that), Fable Legends will change things, and will instead centre on co-op play for up to four players on Xbox One. As ever, players can dabble in good and evil, shaping the world as they see fit, only this time they'll do it in a group (solo play is still supported however).

20. Deep Down

Bolstering the PS4's already impressive line-up of free-to-play titles, Capcom's Deep Down is a strange one. Set in New York in 2094, players are teleported to the past in order to go on a bit of ye olde dungeon raiding with a hefty dose of hack and slashery. It'll use Capcom's vaunted Phanta Rhei game engine, and early gameplay demonstrations have shown impressive visuals and third-person adventuring, with more than a little similarity to Dark Souls.

19. The Crew

Ubisoft's open-world racer has been pushed back until the third quarter of 2014, meaning it may miss out on the early next gen market, but it shouldn't matter too much as it's looking pretty tasty, and worth the extended wait.

Encompassing the entire United States in an open and persistent world, The Crew will feature all sorts of racing-focused missions that you can take on alone or with your crew of friends. Vehicles of various types will feature, and all can be customised.

18. Dragon Age: Inquisition

Admittedly, this would probably be higher on our list if it wasn't for the second game being such a let down, but BioWare may very well revitalise the Dragon Age brand with Inquisition. Already it's looking like a true next gen title, and it'll hopefully span a larger, more varied open world that'll be far more interesting than the dull setting of the second title. Oh, and Morrigan is back, which is good.

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no Uncharted?

For the love of God, "very unique"...

For shame Aaron Birch, for shame.

No Halo 5?

It's number 10.

Half Life 3? PLEASE?

Valve can't count to 3..

Although I bet they'll consider it when the steam box isn't working out.

...It's on page 3

For 6. Destiny Activision/Bungie have emphasized that the game will be "alive" and events may happen in-game that are not necessarily controlled or planned by the developer.

If it turns into Skynet or W.O.P.R. (WarGames) we'll know who to blame!

sunset overdrive looks very fun, though i'm gonna see how much of the final product lives up to the open worldness and slickness that the trailer suggests before i properly think about getting it

no it was uncharted



how do we know that they're must play if they're not even out yet?

WHAAAAAAAT? No Elite: Dangerous in the top 25? On a geek site? THat is outrageous.

Un....likely to be out in 2014.

All the great indie & kickstartered games coming out next year should get their own list.

no Uncharted 4?

Demon Souls & Dark Souls are two of the best games of the past generation.

If you haven't played them yet you have seriously missed out. Stunningly hard, outstandingly rewarding. Dark Souls 2 looks to carry on that tradition.

Destiny and Titanfall just look to be great, with Destiny being a slightly more MMO type game without the subs. It's a persistent world.

Thief 4. There hasn't been a bad Thief game yet. No reason for that to change.

Watchdogs. I think the reason for the 6 month delay is to tweak that gameplay a bit more...and the control system. Here's hoping they get it right.

Witcher 3 could be the open world RPG we need for the year, seeing as how we aren't getting a single player Elder Scrolls or Fallout Game.

The Elder Scrolls online will fail. The MMO market is truly saturated, and there's only so much time people have to put into a game model that demands all your gaming time to succeed. Oh...and only so much money people are willing to spend on a subscription. When will the MMO makers realise, that if you aren't WOW you are onto a losing prospect, unless you do something incredibly radical. Radical as in only charging £1.99 per month for your sub instead of £8.99. If all subs based MMOs did this, people would be willing to invest time and money into more than one MMO.

With a subs fee of £8.99 you really feel the need to hammer the game to get the most gameplay for your subs money. There's another big issue with MMO's. You NEVER "own" the character, it exists solely on the server side, so if the game goes offline you lose everything. If you stop subbing you lose access. Another successful move would be to make your MMO a valid single player game where you can level in single player then go online with the character if you so wish, thus paying the minimal subs fee for the pleasure. Of course we want that sub at £1.99 per month maximum.

The only game that managed to do this and do it well was Phantasy Star Online.

That was a wonderful game.

Written by someone from the console generation... Who exactly came up with this "Top" 25?

Still feel jipped about the whole Fabula Nova Crystalis thing. The only two games that looked remotely interesting never got localized even with 90% of the translation apparently done getting cold feet over the ending of the PSP era with Type-0, and Versus XIII which was promised as a PS3 game now to be a next gen exclusive. What are we left with? A somewhat mediocre Final Fantasy game at best with two sequels no one even asked for in the first place to make up for the other two games. I mean did they just pool all their effort into those sequels instead of completing the other two games? Might as well rename the umbrella title Lightning Saga or something. Scumbag move Square-Enix...

Where's Evil Within or Murdered Soul Suvivor, no love for the horror genre,

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