Just Cause 3 hinted

News Aaron Birch
28 Feb 2013 - 11:06

A vague screen from Avalanche Studios has pointed to a third Just Cause...

Surely one of the most outrageous and stunt-filled open world titles around, Just Cause lets players relive the kind of in-motion action sequences the best Hollywood actors and stuntmen can only dream of. Oh, and it's got a ton of 'splosions too.

Well, if a screenshot released by Avalanche CEO, Christofer Soundberg is what it appears to be, then we could be grappling moving vehicles and hijacking aircraft in mid-air again soon.

The image, which was released onto the Instagram website, shows a distinctly 50s-style hero apparently grappling onto a propeller-driven plane. The style is reminiscent of Rocket Ranger, or even Capcom's 2010 title, Dark Void.

A couple of weeks ago, another image showing the same character was released, this time booting a unfortunate soul off a moving motorcycle and side car. Quickly, people began to comment that this was a next gen Just Cause, and this latest screen certainly seems to corroborate this theory, even if the game may be heading to another era.

Have a look at the two image below and see what you think.

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