Next Xbox announcement in April

News Aaron Birch 25 Feb 2013 - 13:38

Rumours are saying that info on the next Xbox will be coming in April…

With last week’s landslide of PlayStation 4 information, it’s no surprise that the rumour mill called the Internet is reporting that Microsoft is soon to reveal its own new box of tricks.

According to reports, which have spread around like wildfire, April will be the month that Microsoft will break ranks and spill the beans on the next incarnation of the Xbox, and a whole new generation of console wars will begin. This is possibly in retaliation to Sony’s announcement taking Microsoft by surprise.

The next Xbox had better bring a gun to a knife party though, as despite many seeing the PS4 announcement as a little underwhelming, there’s no denying that the PS4 looks quite promising, with some high profile titles already on the books, not least a new Killzone, Infamous, Bungie’s Destiny and the impressive-looking Watch_Dogs, which has also been revealed to be enhanced for the Sony platform.

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The brochure that leaked some time back contained pretty much every detail of the new the only surprise would be if anything's different.

Ummm landslide of information? Unless you really didn't know about another Killzone there was really nothing given at the conference. Almost all of the games were known to be coming out on the next consoles. The share button is cool but I can't wait to see how they battle the kid who gets host then decides to start streaming his game on his average internet. Also, if the term "Supercharged" is a definition for some computer specs please let me know because I may be getting older and out of the game. I wish I didn't watch that event. It was a total buzzkill to the next gen consoles. Half of the damn show was a marketing gimmick to get people to buy the Vita lol. I hope Microsoft at least gives some information and makes it a little more exciting to watch. Its a war for the next 8 months. Who gets my money?

No looking forward to it, if it upstages PS4 Sonys screwed.

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