Destiny: a behind-the-scenes video arrives

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17 Feb 2013 - 20:48

Bungie has divulged a few details about Destiny. And there’s a behind-the-scenes video to watch too...

The covers are coming off Bungie’s Destiny - although only a little. A new sci-fi property from the makers of Halo is bound to cause a fuss, and Bungie clearly has big things in mind for its enigmatic work-in-progress. Ever since the first few details were leaked late last year, we’ve known that Destiny would be set in the future, that it involves interstellar travel, a huge white sphere floating in Earth’s orbit, and a suggestion of rival factions of aliens and humans at war.

Rumours had begun to build that Destiny would be an online shooter - something that Bungie has denied over the weekend. Although the studio’s said that the game will involve cooperative and competitive play, and a persistent online world, it’s at pains to state that it won’t be an MMO, but a ‘shared experience’ that just happens to require a constant internet connection - which sounds suspiciously like an MMO to us.

We do know the following, however: it'll feature first-person shooting and vehicle driving, it won't require monthly subscriptions, and it's being developed for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.

The video below contains some of the concept art we’ve seen before - albeit animated with flapping capes and so forth - and provides a few hints of what we can expect from the finished product, although any glimpses of in-game footage are conspicuous by their absence.

Anyone hoping for more specific details will be disappointed, but one thing’s clear: Bungie and Activision are sparing no expense on Destiny, a game the studio says will be as significant a release as the legendary Halo.

More news on Destiny as we get it.


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