New Xbox to shun second-hand market

News Aaron Birch 6 Feb 2013 - 18:06

Microsoft’s new Xbox won’t be friendly to the second hand market, new reports suggest…

Coming via Edge Online, and from “Sources with first-hand experience of Microsoft’s next generation console”, are reports that the next Xbox won’t be good news for the second-hand games market.

The new unit will not only feature an enhanced version of Xbox Live, but it will require a constant Internet connection. No Internet connection, no gaming. This, in tandem with the new 50GB Blu-ray game discs, may cause disaster for pre-owned sales, as each disc will ship with a single-use activation code, rendering the disc unusable to all but the original owner.

The same sources also claim that the previously rumoured specifications of an eight-core AMD X64 1.6GHz CPU, D3D11 800Mhz GPU and 8GB of DDR3 RAM are true. However, in a table-turning situation, this time the PlayStation 4 is said to be the easier platform to develop for, This is partly due to the easier to handle OS used by the PS4, as well as the fact that Sony has been more open when it comes to giving developers access to actual PS4 tech. Up to this point, Microsoft has been very cagey, only allowing access to development libraries.

This new report, if there’s any truth to it, is very troubling, especially when paired up with previous rumours that the PS4 will also combat pre-owned games. If both platforms do, indeed, wish to put and end to second-hand market, there’s an awful lot of people out there who will lose thie affordable route to gaming, and that’s just not on.

The added kick in the groin of the always on Internet requirement further increases the overheads required to simply play games, and the previously readily-available pastime of gaming, as innocent as it is, may become a hobby that only those with plenty of cash can afford.

Of course, as always, these are simply rumours, and we won’t know for certain until Microsoft officially unveils the unit, until then, let the speculation continue.

Edge Online

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I'll stick to the PC. My specs are double those of the new Xbox.

I would not worry too much about this.

If they block second hand games they will hurt sales no end, and put people off the machines. It would be a really stupid move on their part.

Then of course it has not worked out on the PC very well for permanant internet connections to stop piracy. All it did was cause trouble for the people who bought the games, and the pirates just got what they wanted and played them.

So If they go ahead with this, there will be a massive increase in piracy, with someone hacking the console modding it and coming up with something clever to allow you to play your games. Like a plug in hard drive, rip game to drive , plug in drive and off you go.

People go on and on about getting banned from Xbox live, but most pirates I know have two consoles. They are cheap enough second hand now. One for Xbox live and one thats modded to play pirate disks.

Before I get roasted about piracy, I dont have an Xbox, but I do repair them for people when they over heat etc...I cant believe in this day and age that its still a problem either.....

If there is any truth in this then both Microsoft and Sony are alienating their core customers and I will not be investing in the next generation consoles.

Don't think they will be that stupid though, but I guess only time will tell.

It seems like the steam business model is coming to consoles effectively this is not different from when Half Life 2 was released on the PC. If it leads to DL bargains like I see in the steam sales then I will be delighted, I picked up Borderlands, Dead Space 1&2, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Just Cause 2, L4D2 & Rage & more in the last couple of months all at less than £4 each IIRC.

It simply doesn't make fiscal sense. 76 million Xbox 360s sold worldwide and in 2010 73% connected to the internet. So always-on potentially isolates 20 million console sales. In this economy do we really see them taking a risk with not selling units or, worse, having major retailers refusing to sell the console? Doubt it!

Always-on isn't a problem from a DRM point of view; Steam has implemented it well and pretty seamlessly with auto-updates too. If MS/Sony take their cues from this and then iterate with their own ideas it could work really well, especially if we move into Cloud gaming at some point!

If true Micro$oft have learnt nothing, users will just drift away to open source alternatives..

Well it looks look I won't be getting the next XBOX after all. Can't afford to pay for full price games... And must have active net connection? WTF!

There are a few rumours that worry me about the next gen consoles and this whole killing the second hand market, always connected to the net and the possibility of download only games makes me think I won't be bothering with them. I like to physically own my games. I prefer playing offline (yes, it's sad, but I'm not really good enough to play against people online). And I get a lot of my games second hand. Recycling is a good thing!

It's that bad I feel like doing a sad smiley in a completely non-ironic fashion.

You do not have to be online all the time to play Steam games on a PC, you can go offline manually and if you have no connection (unplug your router) and start a steam game it will say you have no connection and ask you if you would like to play in offline mode.

what about all of us who live in the boonies and have to find a coffee shop to use the wifi because no internet is availible at home do they expect us to all move into the city just to play video games?

"there’s an awful lot of people out there who will lose thie affordable route to gaming, and that’s just not on."

And thus we should lead or poor and cheapskate bretheren to Steamboxes. Still no second hand gaming, but yegods, gaming on Steam is cheap by comparison to the consoles.

If true, the 360 will be my last console and I've been playing since the days of the Atari 2600. We'll see.

I agree, blocking second hand games will kill the console within days, I wouldn't buy one if that's the case and neither would anybody I know, it's more likely they keep with the growing trend of the "ten dollar incentive" where you can't access everything unless you buy it new or buy a code online if you purchase the game second hand

The real problem here is that for every 10 people crying foul and saying they won't buy it if this happens, 9 of them capitulate and buy the console anyway. And to the companies, those customers they lose are acceptable if they're making more money off the ones they retain.

Don't get me wrong, I'm totally against this, but let's not pretend that people will refuse to buy the next Gen consoles if that's all that's available. Let's also not pretend that MS and Sony aren't completely aware of that reality.

While I honestly can't see them following through on this just yet, if they do its not gonna be the ''end of consoles'' catastrophe that people say it will.

same here buddy

Ive purchased three Xbox 360's. One for each of my sons and one for me. An always on internet requirement alone would make me not purchase any of the next generation devices. I will not be held hostage by my internet provider for my gaming. Theres only ONE halfway decent one in my area ( a suburb of Minneapolis ) and it goes down at least twice a week as it is.

As far as the push to end second hand games, thats a HUGE mistake. I purchased Assassins creed 1 and 2 used to get into the series before purchasing brotherhood revelations and 3 at the midnight launches.

It will cost publishers more than they will gain by making the cost of entering a franchise late far too high for the average gamer.

always on DRM is exactly the reason I left Steam.

lol i thought the same and its over 2 years old! and the money I would pay for the Console would be better served up grading my PC which will put it that far ahed of ps5 and next next gen xbox !
with the PC gaming market getting better and better with places like Steam and Origin etc etc (I know ive not named them all) all the game makers are going to do is slowly move away from consoles

exactly the consoles will have to reduce the price of games anyway!

R.I.P. Microsoft 1995 - 2010

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