New Xbox to shun second-hand market

News Aaron Birch
6 Feb 2013 - 18:06

Microsoft’s new Xbox won’t be friendly to the second hand market, new reports suggest…

Coming via Edge Online, and from “Sources with first-hand experience of Microsoft’s next generation console”, are reports that the next Xbox won’t be good news for the second-hand games market.

The new unit will not only feature an enhanced version of Xbox Live, but it will require a constant Internet connection. No Internet connection, no gaming. This, in tandem with the new 50GB Blu-ray game discs, may cause disaster for pre-owned sales, as each disc will ship with a single-use activation code, rendering the disc unusable to all but the original owner.

The same sources also claim that the previously rumoured specifications of an eight-core AMD X64 1.6GHz CPU, D3D11 800Mhz GPU and 8GB of DDR3 RAM are true. However, in a table-turning situation, this time the PlayStation 4 is said to be the easier platform to develop for, This is partly due to the easier to handle OS used by the PS4, as well as the fact that Sony has been more open when it comes to giving developers access to actual PS4 tech. Up to this point, Microsoft has been very cagey, only allowing access to development libraries.

This new report, if there’s any truth to it, is very troubling, especially when paired up with previous rumours that the PS4 will also combat pre-owned games. If both platforms do, indeed, wish to put and end to second-hand market, there’s an awful lot of people out there who will lose thie affordable route to gaming, and that’s just not on.

The added kick in the groin of the always on Internet requirement further increases the overheads required to simply play games, and the previously readily-available pastime of gaming, as innocent as it is, may become a hobby that only those with plenty of cash can afford.

Of course, as always, these are simply rumours, and we won’t know for certain until Microsoft officially unveils the unit, until then, let the speculation continue.

Edge Online

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