Prey 2 announcement in March?

News Aaron Birch
4 Feb 2013 - 14:32

Bethesda previously put the brakes on Prey 2, but it appears that may no longer be the case…

Spotted by those ever observant and diligent NeoGAF users, and picked up by Joystiq, it’s rumoured that Bethesda’s troubled sci-fi FPS, Prey 2 may be alive and kicking, despite being pseudo-canned.

According to investigations undertaken by keen NeoGAF users, a new teaser site,, relates to Prey 2 and contains a alien countdown clock that’s ticking its way down to March 1 (which is clearly visible in the site’s source code, listed as ‘Mar 1 2013 18:00:00’).

Users checked the source code of the site to find, as bold as brass, entries for Prey 2 and developer Human Head Studios. These have, apparently, been removed, but a couple of clues still exist, including the phrase ‘Tommy needs your help’ towards the end of the source, and the fact that a whois lookup reveals that the site is registered to ‘The Collective’, which has a Tahlequah, Oklahoma address next to the Cherokee Tribal Association.

The original game, released on Xbox 360 in 2006, starred protagonist Domasi Tawodi, also known as Tommy. He was a Cherokee mechanic who was engulfed in an alien abduction and potential invasion of Earth, which he subsequently stopped.

So, the mentions of ‘Tommy’ and the link to the Cherokee Tribal Association certainly hint at a strong connection with Prey 2, although this is not 100% certain, and at the time of writing, Bethesda has yet to comment.


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