THQ’s assets snapped up in auction

News Aaron Birch
24 Jan 2013 - 18:20

THQ’s various IPs have been divided amongst various publishers in the chapter 11 bankruptcy bidding war…

Anyone with and interest in the gaming industry will be all too familiar with THQ’s plight over the last few months. The company has gone from bad to worse, until the inevitable bankruptcy filing recently.

Well, now it’s all come to a head, and various interested parties have grabbed THQ’s IPs after a bidding war over the various titles and properties THQ previously owned.

High-profile publisher, Ubisoft, purchased the upcoming South Park title, The Stick of Truth, for a cool $3.2 million, and also snagged THQ’s Montreal studio for $2.5 million. The team there is working on an in-progress title currently called 1666.

Sega got the successful bid for the Company of Heroes developer, Relic Games for $26 million, whilst Koch Media managed to acquire Volition Studios, including the Saints Row name for $22.3 million, as well as the Metro series for $5.8 million. It’s been noted, however, that this deal didn’t include Red Faction.

Despite Homefront not being particularly good, or well received, Crytek grabbed the rights to the FPS. Well, it was working on Homefront 2 anyway, so it was an obvious choice. It didn’t cost all that much either, at just $500.000.

Take Two was interested in Turtle Rock’s Evolve, and grabbed it for $11 million, and it’s been reported that the WWE franchise has gone to 2K Sports, which would be decent enough home for the squared ring scrapper.

So, it’s all been a bit of a free-for-all, and a lot of titles have been divvied up. However, some others still remain. Most surprisingly to me is Darksiders, which, although never achieving the sales it deserved, is a great IP with a lot of potential. As mentioned earlier, Red Faction is still out there, along with more obscure titles like Destroy All Humans and de Blob. It’s interesting to see big names like Warhammer 40,000 still floating around too.

It’s a sad day, and there are always casualties in these matters. Most company acquisitions usually lead to job losses, and staff members at Vigil Studios, developer of Darksiders, have already been tweet about possible job opportunities. Still, at least the majority of THQ assets are safe in the hands of new owners. We’ll just have to see what happens to the rest.

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