Nintendo announces new Wii U titles

News Aaron Birch
23 Jan 2013 - 18:50

It’s confirmed that new Zelda, Mario and more titles are on the way to Wii U, thanks to a Nintendo Direct conference…

The Wii U is set to get a selection of new games from Nintendo, and these will include some titles that’ll get the loyal Nintendo following hyped up. The new titles mentioned in a recent Nintendo Direct conference from Satoru Iwata, include a new Super Mario title, a new Mario Kart and a couple of new Zelda titles to boot.

As well as the iconic Nintendo giants, the update also revealed that a new Yoshi title is in development, from the creators of Kirby’s Epic Yarn, along with a possible sequel to the much-loved Xenoblade Chronicles. A new Wii Party title has also been announced, as well as a crossover title, Shin-Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem. More information and footage from The Wonderful 101 is revealed, and other titles mentioned include Beyonetta 2, and Smash Bros. for the Wii U and 3DS.

All of these games are very interesting, but the majority of fans will be interested in the Mario and Zelda projects. There’s not a great deal of information revealed at this time about the Mario games, and more will follow at E3 (where they’ll also be playable), but the new Zelda project plans to do away with certain conventions that have become a franchise institution. The linearity of the game, for example, is to be addressed, and there are suggestions that the new Wii U Zelda will incorporate multiplayer functionality.

The new Zelda is a while away, however, so to give fans more Link-related action to hold them over, Nintendo is going to release a reworked HD edition of Wind Waker, which will also incorporate various gameplay tweaks and new Wii U-enabled features. It should be available in the autumn.

As stated before, there are no real details about the Mario titles, save that the new Mario adventure is coming from the same team responsible for Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 and Super Mario 3D Land on the 3DS.

The conference also mentions details about the Wii U’s Miiverse, and reveals details about the upcoming Wii U Virtual Console, and a release date of spring. There will also be a special promotion celebrating the original release of the NES (Famicom in Japan), and Super Nintendo. Various special games will be available for a limited time for only 30p, with Balloon Fight being the first.

You can see the full Nintendo Direct Conference below, along with separate clips from the full video for the new Zelda games, and teasers for what appears to be a new Xenoblade Chronicles title and the Shin-Megami Tensai X Fore Emblem crossover.

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