Next Xbox specifications revealed

News Aaron Birch
22 Jan 2013 - 12:52

Detailed specifications of the next Xbox have been leaked online, allegedly, that is…

The website, VGleaks has, apparently, acquired the specifications for the next Xbox, and has placed them online for the world to see. As with all leaks of this kind, however, there’s no actual proof, so take a pinch of salt with the following.

According to the specs listed, the new Xbox will be powered by an eight-core AMD CPU running at 1.6Ghz. The chip will be built on x64 architecture and will be backed up by a custom 800Mhz GPU. Alongside this is 8GB of DDR3 RAM running at 68GB/s and 32MB of ESRAM, running at 102 GB/s.

As for storage and connections, the unit will incorporate a hard drive and will make use of a 50GB 6x Blu-ray drive, as opposed to the 100GB drive previously rumoured. Connections will include HDMI, HDMI In, USB 3.0, Kinect, Wi-Fi, Gigabit Ethernet and a SATA 2.0 connection for external HDD storage.

It’s been noted that the specs contained in the supposed leak do tally with information coming out of CES, and it would appear as though the PS4 could still be more powerful in the CPU department. Still, this is a leak, and is not a guaranteed specification. This will supposedly come some time in March when Microsoft officially unveils the console.


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