Flashback HD in production?

News Aaron Birch
22 Jan 2013 - 12:43

The Delphine classic, Flashback, could be set to return in HD if rumours are true…

Back in the days of the Atari ST, Commodore Amiga and 16-bit consoles like the SNES and Mega Drive, there was a very well respected development house called Delphine Software International. Responsible for the excellent Another World (Out Of This World in the US), and older classics like Operation Stealth, Future Wars and Cruise for a Corpse, the company produced some truly groundbreaking stuff, well, apart from Shaq Fu, which was just plain awful.

Perhaps one of the most successful Delphine titles to emerge from the studio was Flashback. Similar in some ways to Another World, but more refined and complex, the title bore a strong similarity to the story of Total Recall, in that you played Conrad B. Hart, a man stranded on an Titan with no memory of his identity. Only a hologram bearing a message from himself served as a clue to his identity, which would lead him on a mission around Titan, and eventually to Earth and to an alien planet.

The game used Delphine’s then-stunning rotoscoping animation technique to produce some of the most fluid and impressive visuals seen to that point, and the gameplay was a mixture of Another World, Prince of Persia and a handful of new elements. It was a superb title, and now it appears it may well be set to return.

Apparently, French site, Gamerblog has been sent an image of what appears to be a HD remake of Flashback. The image was sent in by an anonymous source, so of course, it’s by no means a certainty, but many believe the title to be real.

Rumours are backed up by the fact that CNC, a French arts funding organisation, has provided Flashback’s original designer, Paul Cuisset’s Vector Cell studio €300,000 to produce a project titled ‘Flachback Origins’.

Although the screen in question could be a fake, or simply a bit of fan art, as many have also theorised, a remake of Flashback would be a truly fantastic idea, as the title would still stand up today, especially if distributed over Xbox Live and PSN.

If this is a screen, or merely concept art from Flashback Origins, it’s unclear of the game will be a simple remake of the original, or a totally new title incorporating some of the older game. Whichever it is, if this is real, they can take my damn money with gusto.


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