Killer Is Dead trailer

Trailer Aaron Birch
18 Jan 2013 - 17:51

Suda 51’s next project is all about love and execution, and a man with a mechanical gun-arm…

Suda 51 titles always boast a striking style, be it down to a distinctive graphical approach or an off-the-wall narrative, and the latest Grasshopper Manufacture project, Killer is Dead, is going to be no different.

Demonstrating a very striking, and distinctive visual style, the game stars new protagonist, Mondo Zappa, a world-travelling executioner who’s tasked with taking out ‘S-level’ criminals. Set in the near future, Zappa’s foes aren’t your ordinary criminals, though, but all sorts of crazy creations and mutant weirdos.

Luckily, Mondo’s pretty handy with the sword, and also has a cybernetic arm that functions as a gun and other tools, and can be upgraded as progress is made.

The gameplay is said to be a fusion of two of Suda 51’s best titles, Killer7 and No More Heroes, and the game will even use absorbed blood as a method of upgrading (à la Killer7).

The trailer below demonstrates some actual gameplay from Killer is Dead, along with some story elements. Of course, as this is a Suda 51 title, don’t expect your usual action premise, and expect plenty of gore and a side order of adult entertainment.

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