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Trailer Aaron Birch
16 Jan 2013 - 17:38

Disney’s take on the popular Skylanders has been revealed, and it's called Disney Infinity…

The Skylanders franchise has been a very successful one, seeing kids all over badgering parents for yet another figurine to sit atop the RF portal device, adding another character to the game. This success continues with the more recent Skylanders Giants, and Disney, not wanting to miss out on this opportunity, has announced Disney Infinity, its own stab at the genre.

Much like Skylanders, the game will be compatible with a range of Disney-themed figures, including Pixar creations, and the game will include different worlds for each character, along with a variety of modes and new features not seen in Spyro’s outing.

As well as the familiar third person adventuring mode, complete with stories for each character, Disney Infinity also promises creation tools, allowing players to create their very own worlds. This ‘Sandbox Mode’ will make use of objects and materials unlocked in the story mode, so the more characters you play as in the main story mode (and the more figures you buy), the more flexible the creation tools will be.

Different worlds will feature varied gameplay too. For example, Sully, from Monsters Inc. can be found in the Monster Academy, and his jaunt focuses on stealth, whilst Captain Jack Sparrow’s story will feature more sword fights and exploration centred around his pirate ship. The Incredibles, on the other hand, will be full-on action. A Toy Box mode will be included that will allow the mix and match of characters and worlds, so you can equip characters with other Disney icon’s weapons and tools.

Mr Incredible, Sully and Captain Jack Sparrow will be included in the game’s starter pack, and more figures will be released separately (over 20 on day one), along with discs that add more items to the game.

Given the success of Skylanders, which only had the relatively minor Spyro license behind it, parents the world over had better start worrying, as Disney has a huge catalogue of iconic characters and worlds to draw from, so there’ll be no shortage of “want, want, want!” from the kids.

Disney Infinity will be released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, Wii U and PC in the summer, and will also see a mobile device release later in the year. In the meantime, have a look at the official launch trailer.

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