The Witcher 3 teased?

News Aaron Birch
16 Jan 2013 - 17:35

CDProjekt may have revealed the existence of the popular third person RPG, The Witcher 3…

The Witcher has become a very popular RPG series, with the second game migrating from its native PC and arriving on consoles to critical acclaim. The adventures of white-haired monster slayer, Geralt of Rivia produced a very different and distinctly adult RPG experience, and although not as open-world or as epic as the likes of Skyrim, and more akin to Mass Effect’s style of play, the game is a superb example of the genre.

Well, if you’re after more of The Witcher, you may be in luck. In an update about its REDKit development tools on the Witcher 2 community site, a picture of a sword hilt, bearing Geralt’s distinctive wolf head

Accompanying the image was the statement, "Oh, and if you are wondering what’s that in that picture above – well, we’ll leave it for your imagination to answer."

There’s also the small matter of a job posting that was spotted last year that seemed to hint that a new Witcher game was under development, furthering the possibility that The Witcher 3 could be on the way.

However, there may also be the possibility that this may not relate to a new game, but instead the re-release of the first Witcher on console, which was also rumoured last year following a leak by the Danish arm or Blockbuster. This was later revealed to be a mistake, but wasn’t categorically ruled out. So, let the speculation begin.

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