Sonic The Hedgehog fan-made film airs on YouTube

Viral Video Aaron Birch
11 Jan 2013 - 15:14

Sonic the Hedgehog’s been getting the silver screen treatment, thanks to this impressive fan-film…

How far would you go to prove a point? A quick search on Google or Wikipedia? A few pounds and a “told you so!”? Or, would you spend masses of time and invest both money and a hell of a lot of hard work into creating a project to get your point across?

That’s just what New York-based Blue Core Studios has done with this fan-made Sonic the Hedgehog short movie. Created as a spec-film to scratch that Sonic movie itch and to prove that a real-life spliced with CGI Sonic movie is, indeed, possible, this 18 minute short introduces some of the game’s most noteworthy characters into a real-life world.

A prologue of sorts, here we see that the planet Mobius is under attack by the forces of Dr Robotnik, and only the ‘Blue Blur’ stands between him and total robotic transformation of the populace.

The movie is very well done, and although the idea of a bright blue anthropomorphic hedgehog running around with real people sounds a little crazy, it’s handled pretty well. After all, if we can have Roger Rabbit singing and dancing with Bob Hoskins, then why not this?

The short also stars some famous community faces, such as the Angry Video Game Nerd, James Rolfe, and’s Craig Skistimas, and the video has, at the time of writing, been viewed 141,836 in just over 24 hours. Whilst that’s not up to Psy standards, it’s still pretty good, and you should wander down below and give it a look.

Sega has announced already that a new Sonic game is due this year, and that the company plans to push the flagship mascot harder. With recent games being a real mixed bag (with most being on the wrong side of quality), here’s hoping Sonic’s future adventures pick up the pace.

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