Microsoft announces gaming-holodeck

News Aaron Birch
10 Jan 2013 - 14:28

Okay, it’s not quite Star Trek, but Microsoft’s Illumiroom tech is very interesting indeed…

Microsoft has unveiled a new piece of gaming tech at CES 2013 called Illumiroom. Although the name is, admittedly, rather silly the tech behind it is pretty intriguing stuff.

The basic premise of the new technology involves projecting images from the Xbox-mounted device into your room, onto the walls, floor and ceiling. The effect this generates can then expand your display to encompass the whole room, or simply be used to add extra effects to the gaming experience.

As you can see from the demonstration below, the effect isn’t quite up there with the U.S.S. Enterprise’s hologramatic pleasure room, but it certainly does add a new level of immersion, even if your book cases, potted plants and tables jut out into that futuristic FPS landscape.

Obviously still in the early stages, many may consider this more of a gimmick than a real move forward in gaming, and with the relative failure of 3D and the waning appreciation of motion controls, this would be understandable. But, if Microsoft can truly make this work so that games encapsulate players in a 360 degree world, it could be something pretty damn special. Have a look at the video below, and see for yourself.

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