Fallout 4 on the way?

News Aaron Birch 9 Jan 2013 - 17:28

The fourth instalment of Fallout could be on the way, if a sneaky tweet is to be believed…

With all of the attention on The Elder Scrolls, thanks to the sterling performance of Skyrim and its DLC, Bethesda’s other open world RPG series, Fallout, may have been left in the cold for a while, but that may end soon.

Erik Todd Dellums, the voice actor who lent his talents to the post apocalyptic DJ ThreeDog, who could be heard spreading news and golden oldies to the denizens of the DC Wasteland, has posted a tweet that suggests another instalment is on the way.

"To all my Fallout 3 and ThreeDog fans: There may be more of the Dog coming! Fingers crossed!" read his tweet.

As well as this he also stated that he was given permission to release the info, “How was that for a tease! I was given permission to release that tease, so fingers crossed.” To which he followed with “No details”.

This presumably means Bethesda is planning some form of official announcement and wanted to get the rumour mill and anticipation building ahead of time, and unless ThreeDog has some form of ancient relative working as a town crier in Tamriel, Fallout is an odds-on favourite. More news as it comes.

Erik Todd Dellums' Twitter

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Fallout 5? Isn't New Vegas Fallout 4?

That's odd. I shot ThreeDog's head off and took all his stuff...

Fallout: New York?

Or it could just mean that ThreeDog is going to be curating a compilation of music from the game to be released in Russia.

Or it could all be rubbish. I'd like a Fallout 4 (5?) to not tread old ground, metaphorically speaking.

No - FNV was not intended to be a direct sequel. F3 and FNV are among my favourite games of the last few years so really excited that a new installment may be on it's way.

no Vegas isn't 4 its a sidequel to 3

Wouldn't that be New New York?

Russia? Wtf it's already been decided its going to be in Massachusetts aka the commonwealth and a fallout game in another country (besides Canada) wouldn't make sense

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