OUYA priced and dated for UK

News Aaron Birch
8 Jan 2013 - 17:31

The Kickstarter-funded console, OUYA, has a price and date for the UK market…

The Android-powered OUYA is one of the most high profile Kickstarter success stories, and although it’s been available from the official website for a time, it now has a UK release date and price attached to it.

Arriving in March for around £99, give or take, a few months after the unit started shipping in the US at the end of last year for around $100, the Tegra-3 sporting unit will allow players to access Android games, as well as games developed specifically for it on their TVs. As well as that, a 3D-supporting Stereoscopic version of the console is also on the way for compatible TVs.

As well as Android content, the OUYA will also support OnLive, the game streaming service, at launch, greatly expanding its appeal somewhat with a collection of classic and current PC games.

It’s good to see that the OUYA is doing fairly well so early on, but with the recent announcement of the more powerful Nvidia Project Shield, and Valve’s Steam Box, codenamed Piston,, it’ll be interesting to see how the OUYA fares. It’s still got ample time to saturate the Android console-gaming market (which is also being invaded by the current Kiclstarter project, Gamestick) so time will tell whether or not a dedicated Android console can hack it. The addition of OnLive support is a definite boost, and opens up PC gaming to those who can’t afford a monster gaming system.

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