Two new Pokemon games coming to Nintendo 3DS

News Ryan Lambie
8 Jan 2013 - 11:17

Nintendo's venerable Pokemon franchise continues, with two new titles coming out for 3DS: Pokemon X and Y...

With the Pokemon series now well into its second decade, Nintendo's venerable pet combat/RPG series shows little signs of slowing down. In a Pokemon Direct broadcast this morning, Nintendo announced the latest instalments in the series - Pokemon X and Y for the 3DS.

Taking the new, polygon-based perspective of Pokemon Black and White one step further, the new adventures use the 3DS' stereoscopic display to bring us what is easily the most impressive-looking handheld entry in the series yet.

New details are rather thin on the ground at the moment, though Nintendo's trailer featured such classic characters as Pikachu and Psyduck - so it looks likely that they'll be returning for the new titles, alongside new characters called Fennekin, Chespin and Froakie.

Lots more news as it comes in. In the meantime, you can watch the full broadcast below - the Pokemon X and Y trailer begins at the seven minute mark.

Pokemon X and Y are due out worldwide in October 2013.


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