PlayStation 2 officially discontinued

News Aaron Birch
7 Jan 2013 - 18:41

It’s the end of an era, as Sony axes its best-selling console…

Although many may have thought that the PS2 had died a long time back, the humble second generation PlayStation has been ploughing along nicely, with new units being produced and sold as normal, albeit in a much reduced number.

Often praised as the biggest-selling console of all time, and certainly Sony’s best performer, even ahead of the PS3, and the original PlayStation, the PS2 has finally been given its golden watch and retirement orders, as Sony has announced the discontinuation of the console’s manufacture in the east. Only units currently complete or residing in shops will be available.

The PlayStation is often credited with making gaming ‘cool’ and a household, widely-accepted pastime, and the second outing of the unit has been an astonishing showing. Whereas most gaming hardware fizzles out quickly once a new generation arrives, the PS2 has not only had people still buying, but new games are still developed for it. And, even after its official putting out to pasture, a small number of developers will still develop for the unit. However, it’s unlikely we’ll see new titles outside of Japan or foreign imports.

Arriving in 2000 in its native Japan, this gives the PS2 a 12 year life span, and it’s reported that in total it sold around 150 million units during that time. It doesn’t take a genius to appreciate how popular the platform was, so it’s sad to see the last hurrah.

The official ending of the PS2 has also lead many to speculate that this means Sony is focusing even more on the next PlayStation, the PS4, which promises to be a different beast to the notoriously hard to develop for PS3.

So, put on that black armband, grab those old DualShocks and whistle a fond farewell to an industry legend. Goodbye PS2, it’s been fun.

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