Dead Space 3 Two Ways To Play trailer

Trailer Aaron Birch
14 Dec 2012 - 19:01

EA’s sci-fi horror is hurtling toward the fans, and Dead Space 3 has been given a new trailer…

As one of the last, real remaining survival horror games around, Dead Space didn’t take long to become a fan favourite. Whilst Silent Hill dropped the ball and Resident Evil became more of an action title, Dead Space didn’t hold back on the fear and psychological suggestion.

The original was a surprise hit, and was a genuinely unnerving horror romp through a sci-fi world, and the second, although not as atmospheric or scary as the first, was also a great title.

Dead Space 3 looks to continue the adventures of Isaac Clarke, but this time he can bring a buddy along for the ride, as the game will allow players to team up and play the entire campaign though in a co-operative mode.

This has sparked much worrying from fans, and rightly so. After all, a survival horror is traditionally a solo affair, as you turn off the lights and immerse yourself in the fear. Having a friend along for some bromance-tinged nasty killing can only have a negative impact on the chilling sense of dread. EA may have managed to keep the scares high, but this writer remains cautiously cynical.

Still, as the trailer seen below demonstrates, the co-op play is optional, and a traditional, solo mode is available, so there’s no real reason to panic, and the co-op can always be played after you skulk through the game on your lonesome, fear intact.

So, whether you’re a lone wolf who likes the odd scare, or you prefer to tackle the darkness with a pal, it looks like Dead Space 3 has you covered.

Dead Space 3 will be released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on February 5 2013.

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